Behind the Dances of CELEBRATION


Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre is celebrating 20 seasons of artistic choreography and dance! There are over 130 pieces in the GHDT repertoire choreographed by Artistic Director Mr. Hancock. Some pieces have been performed only once, but many others have been performed multiple times in various concerts based on popularity and/or concert design. Many patrons have followed the works of GHDT for the entire 20 years and find the concert experience to be inspiring, entertaining and thought provoking. For those who are first time GHDT patrons, CELEBRATION, will provide a peak into the past with a selections from the “classics.” A new work by Gregory Hancock will premiere during CELEBRATION. See the ever evolving artistry of the dancers during this intense, high energy, and encompassing concert.To buy tickets, click here.



DESTINY, first premiered in April of 2000 at the Indianapolis Civic Theatre. This piece is an abstract dance simply interpreting the beautiful Portuguese fado music.  A dance of joy. The original cast consisted of Deborah Barlow, Joy Havens, Dawn Hennig, Tara Hennig, Heather King and Christine Smerdel (Thacker). 


The title refers to a period of time from January to August in 1968 in the former Czechoslovakia which became known as the “Prague Spring”. With the election of new government in January of 1968, the Prague Spring begins a brief period of reform with freedom of speech, press and artistic creativity, but comes to an abrupt end with the Russian invasion in August. The dance depicts the lives of people who are manipulated and controlled by the government. With the newly found freedom, the couple has difficulty understanding their new life. The transition to freedom is ultimately achieved only to be quickly taken away again by political control. In addition to the political tone of 1968, other typical Czech motifs have been utilized such as the marionettes, which are world-famous in Prague, and contemporary Czech music. 

Every Moment… Every Day…

This is a world premiere piece, the latest in Mr. Hancock’s repertoire. Loss…grief…and love. There is no ending to any of these. We think we understand, but we do not. They simply continue every day and every moment for as long as we remain. At some point in life, everyone will carry something. Sometimes it is easy to see, and other times it is in invisible. 

“cuchi cuchi”

“cuchi cuchi” was inspired by the famous words of Charo, a Spanish-American actress, comedian, and flamenco guitarist. The piece was performed at the Latvian National Opera House for the President of Latvia in 2006 when GHDT was representing the USA at the 11th International Baltic Ballet Festival. “cuchi cuchi” is a fun, lively, and at times, comedic piece sure to have audience members dancing in their seats.


Bolero is a Flamenco inspired piece that uses rythmic snaps, claps, and stomps, alongside smooth and fiery movements. BOLERO is both a dancer and audience favorite and has been performed with various cast sizes from seven to 32. 



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