New Marley Floors

Studio A Gets a Makeover!IMG_2969

Thanks to a generous donation, Studio A received a makeover! This donation allowed us to purchase a brand new Marley floor. Our old floor was about 25 years old. The old floor had been moved to and from many spaces and had multiple generations of dancers rehearse on it. This old floor also traveled to The Tarkington Theatre in July 2015 for the premiere of La Casa Azul. The floor made the trip a second time as well for the encore performance of La Casa Azul in October 2015.



The process of taking out the old floor and bringing in the new, took lots of helping hands. Company dancers, board members, academy families, and other guests volunteered their night to get the job done. In about two hours, the group rolled up each piece of old flooring, and laid down the new.


Hidden Surprise

DIMG_2973id you know that underneath GHDT’s Marley floor are handwritten quotes? We call it our Holy
Floor. Inspirational quotes lie underneath our feet as we dance all day. Some of the quotes included were said by Frida Kahlo, Mahatma Ghandi, Marilyn Monroe, and many more icons. Every single quote was handwritten onto the floor by our director, Gregory Hancock.






The Final Product

The final product came out beautifully. Our new Marley floor was left overnight to settle, and then was taped down to be completed. The company and academy students cannot wait to start rehearsing and taking classes on the brand new floor. Cheers to the next 25 years on our new Marley floor!

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