Recent Patron Reviews October 2016

The Violin Under the Bed Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre“That concert featured a few of my very favorite moments of audience reaction in dance and they are so very rare. Not those moments of big applause, which are great and there were many that night, but those moments when a dance comes to an end and there’s not a sound because to make a single sound would break the spell. That moment when the dance is so beautiful or so heartbreaking that to make a sound other than the beating heart would just destroy the moment. I love that moment when the absence of applause is the highest praise the audience can give. The dancing and choreography are so beautiful and the moment is so tender that all the audience has to give is the respect of silence. And love of the moment. Wow.”    – Charlie Stepp

“I had such an intense reaction to seeing the beautiful “Violin Under the Bed.”  I ran across this article about this syndrome, first described in 1817, that pretty well describes the physical as well as emotional feelings that I had at the end of that show. Ironically, another name for this is Florence syndrome.
-Katie Brown

I love that moment when the absence of applause is the highest praise the audience can give…

“Words like beauty, elegance, intrigue, passion and colorful movement come to mind when I think of “The Violin Under The Bed and Scarlett Letter.” I was moved by the experience of these stories so eloquently told by modern dance and music.  I recommend this show to any seasoned spectator of dance and, in fact, to novice audiences as this show is likely to enthrall the newbie and the experienced with its majestic style.”  -Dr. Louis Janeira

“I wanted to share with you how much we enjoyed seeing Gregory Hancock’s performance “The Violin Under The Bed”.  In Mr. Hancock’s moving tribute to his late mother, the piece captured the humble beginnings from which she came, the love between her and her husband, her love of playing baseball, and how she embraced life.  I have an appreciation of how much she loved her son, and he in return, with the rich artistry of creative dance, illustrative costumes, and selection of music.  It was evident that the audience connected to this story.  I felt that I knew her because of this beautiful illustration and celebration of her life.” – J.J. Kaplan

“Ivy…I can’t express my gratitude enough for the tickets. Truly an emotional tribute and a feast for the eyes. Thank you so much for allowing my friend Laura and I attend.” -Teri Cappron

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