SUPERHERO 2018 Cast!

Tyler McCants as Jesus Christ

“This marks the first time in my dance career where I’ve to play a role with so many responsibilities. Depicting that of a man who, at first, is not sure of his own destiny or how he will conquer God’s task is no easy feat. Superhero will always have a special place in my heart. It’s a story that anyone can relate to, believers and nonbelievers.”





Abbie Lessaris as Judas Iscariot

“I’m very excited to tackle the part of Judas. He is the villain, the tortured bad boy of the story. There is something so fun to play a part that is nothing like your true personality. Plus, I think it’s a great time in history to bring a strong female back into this role.”





Brittney Richards as Mother Mary

“Mother Mary is the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion. She is a way-shower of truth, and she teaches us how to see with divine vision. Just as she raised Christ, Mother Mary helps us to nurture the Spirit within each of us. Mother Mary acted from a place of wholeness and trust, and she shows us how to move through our lives with calm, present love. Her strength, wisdom, and faith have inspired me in many ways. I am deeply grateful to be portraying her in Superhero. ”



Taylar Green as Mary Magdalene

“I’m excited about doing Magdalene because she’s such a dynamic character. I’ve studied her through the context of the bible and in history and I’m excited to bring my understanding of a passionate, often misunderstood, follower of Jesus to the stage. Also, the costume is pretty amazing!”





Morgan Beane as Claudia Procula

“My role in SUPERHERO is Claudia, also known as Pilate’ s wife. She was an honorable woman who followed her intuitions, and was not afraid to stand up for what she believed in. Claudia is the only recorded person who spoke up against the decision to kill Jesus. I am honored to take on the role of such a strong and powerful female character. I hope to portray Claudia in an impactful way that empowers the audience to feel they too can stand up for what is right.”



Hannah Brown as Veronica

“Veronica was a woman who witnessed Jesus carrying the cross to Golgotha. She was moved with compassion to reach out to him and wipe his face with her veil, which left a perfect image of his face upon the veil. This solo has always been one of my favorite moments in the show and it is wonderful to be challenged by this beautiful role.”





Erica Steward as The Woman at the Well

“The Woman at the Well is the first person Jesus reveals his true identity to. Jesus broke the social rules by speaking to a woman of a lower social-class and asking her for water. This role is very important to me, as it represents breaking the barrier between gender and social class. Everyone is equal, and everyone should be treated equally.”





Skylar Thomas as the Cross

“The role of the cross is a very unique role. I have the honor and privilege of embodying the inanimate wooden cross that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified upon.   Receiving the opportunity to perform this role is unlike any other. The cross is a very iconic and therefore very impactful piece in the show. Having the opportunity to bring it to life while still maintaining the illusion  of the wooden cross is both the great challenge and beauty of the role. It means so much to so many and being able to physically embody this iconic and powerful symbol is truly special as well as incredibly humbling.”

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