SUPERHERO Behind the Scenes

SUPERHERO – Behind the Scenes

Stage and Lights

SUPERHERO The Story of a Man Called Jesus, is one of GHDT’s most well-known shows. One of the most
memorable parts of the show, is the numerous scrolls hanging at the back of the stage, providing a backdrop. Eleven years ago, when SUPERHERO first premiered, Artistic Director Gregory Hancock spent several weeks writing text from The Gospels in Latin, Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic onto the scrolls. 

Along with the backdrop, what sets the scene so well is the lighting design. GHDT has worked with lighting designer Ryan Koharchik for 20 years. For SUPERHERO, Ryan uses lights create moods such as excitement, calmness, anger, and grief. Even more elaborate, he uses lights to create garden scenes, to portray the swirling mind of regret, and to cast a large shadow of Jesus on the cross.



The costumes in SUPERHERO were all made by Gregory Hancock. Many costumes have character specific detail that are easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. Mother Mary’s costume includes a shirt with artwork depicting Mother Mary’s face on it. Pilate’s Wife, Claudia, wears a beautiful set of jewelry that Mr. Hancock bought in India. The Cross, has red circles on her palms to represent where Jesus was nailed to the cross. 

During The Last Supper and Hallelujah scenes, dancers are representing the 12 apostles. This costume includes white head shrouds with writing on them. These head shrouds were also, just like the backdrop, all hand written by Mr. Hancock eleven years ago for the premiere. Although during these scenes, characters like Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene are not included, the dancers portraying them are. These dancers get specific head shrouds with writings on them from Gospels including their character. Pictured is the head shroud for Mary Magdalene.



The cast of SUPERHERO this year has dancers from many places. Joining the GHDT company dancers, Liang Fu is coming back again this year as a Guest Artist to perform the role of Judas Iscariot. Liang Fu, originally from Qingdao, Shandong, China, is currently dancing with Kansas City Ballet. GHDT’s pre-professional company, G2, is also in this production. This year, GHDT reached out to Phoenix Rising Dance Studio and Broad Ripple High School to offer their students the opportunity to perform in a professional production. We’re glad to have students from both joining the cast this year as townspeople. 


Tech Week

Tech week, is the week leading up to opening night of a performance. The usual tech week has the company rehearsing in studio Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday afternoons, the company takes every costume, prop, and accessory over to the theatre so its ready for rehearsal in theatre the next day. Wednesday and Thursday are long days. Tech runs are done during the early afternoon, meaning a light run through of the show for the dancers, but a heavy fun through of the show for lightning and tech crew backstage. Both Wednesday and Thursday evenings are full dress rehearsals.  

This year for SUPERHERO, dancers spent part of their Monday getting henna on their hands for the show. Be sure to look for the beautiful detail on stage! Tuesday was spent welcoming guest artist Liang Fu to rehearsals as well as moving into the theatre. We hope to see you on Friday for the show! 

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