The Violin Under the Bed

The Violin Under the Bed

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre will close their 21st Performance Season with THE VIOLIN UNDER THE BED
at The Tarkington at The Center for the Performing Arts, June 7-8, 2019.

This captivating piece, which first premiered in 2016 at The Tarkington, is eloquently choreographed by Executive Artistic Director Gregory Glade Hancock and is an audience favorite. Growing up in Kansas, Florence Marie Hancock yearned to play the violin. Knowing this was impossible as a poor, young girl of the depression era, she resorted to dreaming about holding the instrument, hearing music and dancing. THE VIOLIN UNDER THE BED is inspired by stories of Mr. Hancock’s mother and the experiences that brought her joy – art, music, nature, travel, and sports. The tiny vignettes represent segments of her life and all the gusto she brought to it. “I dedicate all of my work to my mother and her indomitable and enigmatic spirit,” says Mr. Hancock.

The concert will also include two other personal pieces created by Mr. Hancock. “Until There is No More,” which was first performed in 2014, is centered around Mr. Hancock’s personal journey with cancer. On the fifth anniversary of being cancer free, it seems appropriate to remember the emotion of this life changing experience and celebrate the milestone with this work. “The male dancer portrays me, but different aspects of my soul are portrayed by other dancers as well as emotions such as fear, strength and the disease itself,” Mr. Hancock says. “I have reoccurring themes in my work of the concept of being caught somewhere between Heaven and Earth, the challenges of this life, and the memories of where we came from and the constant search for where we are going.”

The final work in this concert, which first premiered in 2017, is “Every Moment . . . Every Day . . .” A captivating and beautiful piece, it depicts images of loss, grief and isolation which are never-ending. “At some
point in life, everyone will carry something. Sometimes it is easy to see, and other times it is invisible. There is a miracle of love and time being returned for a brief period, but then the cycle begins again,” say Mr. Hancock.
This touching full length repertoire production created by masterful storyteller Gregory Hancock is filled with emotion and enlightenment and will inspire each and every audience member.


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