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The training at The Academy of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre produces well-rounded and seasoned dancers ready for the American dance industry and secondary educational programs throughout the country.  Mastery of classical technique in all dance forms is essential for dancers who desire a professional career.  The Academy of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre is located at 329 Gradle Drive in Carmel, Indiana.

Many area schools focus on competition or one dance style and/or teaching method.  With over 75 years of accumulated teaching experience from the faculty, degrees from nationally recognized institutions, and a combined curriculum, the Academy of GHDT is able to provide young aspiring dancers unequaled training and performance opportunities.

If you are a teacher looking to be added to our substitute list, or inquire about a permanent teaching position, please contact us at

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2021-2022 Schedule

(Studio A)
4:45-5:45 Character 3-6
6:50-8:45  Ballet/Variations 3-6

(Studio B)
5:45-6:45 Tap 3-6

(Studio A)
4:45-6:10  Jazz 5-6
6:15-7:15  Contemporary Ballet 5-6
7:15-8:30  G2 Repertoire

(Studio B)
4:45-6:10  Ballet 3-4
6:15-7:15  Jazz 3-4
7:15-8:30- available for private lessons

(Studio A)
4:45-5:45  Yoga/Conditioning 3-6
5:45-6:45  Modern 3-6
7:00-8:30  Ballet 3-6

(Studio B)
5:15-6:00  Ballet 2
6:00-6:45  Modern 2
6:45-7:15  Tap 2
7:30-8:30 Teen/Adult Hip Hop and Fitness

(Studio A)
4:45-6:15  Ballet 5-6
6:25-7:45  Modern 5-6
7:45-8:45  G2 Repertoire

(Studio B)
4:45-6:15  Ballet 3-4
6:25-7:45  Modern 3-4
7:45-8:45- available for private lessons

(Studio A)
4:45-6:00  Modern 3-6
6:00-8:00  G2 Repertoire

(Studio B)
5:00-6:00  Ballet 2
6:00-7:00  Jazz 2

(Studio A)
9:00-10:30  Pre-pointe/Pointe 3-6
10:30-11:25  Dance Jam
11:30-12:30  Jazz Funk/Hip Hop 3-6

(Studio B)
10:30-11:15  Intro to Dance
11:30-12:30 Combo Level 1 


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