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Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre (GHDT)

Dance is a performance art consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement with aesthetic and symbolic value. It entertains, moves, and educates. Audiences of dance experience kinesthetic empathy. They feel they are participating in the movements they observe, and experience related feelings and ideas.


From the critically acclaimed choreography in SUPERHERO – the story of a man called Jesus, expressed through powerful modern movement, Devdas, inspired by a classic Indian tale of love, to the sheer joy of The River’s Edge set to the music of “The Moldau”, Gregory Hancock’s diverse repertoire can take audiences on a journey through reflection, empathy, and pure delight.

What you may not know is that ticket purchases cover only 30% of what it costs to produce all that is seen onstage. Your support is important to keep the art of dance alive in our community. When you give to Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre, you can be assured that your generosity is supporting:

  • Quality and Professionalism – GHDT employs the highest quality dancers, designers, technicians to produce works of art that move the soul.
  • Education – GHDT collaborates with supporting businesses and organizations to bring students to dance performances at no charge to the students or the schools.
  • Creating an Experience – GHDT works tirelessly to create works that evoke new emotions, stimulate the senses, and influence change.

The Wings Giving Society consists of dedicated friends of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre who are committed to providing financial support covering 30% of the cost of each production. Please join us to continue our mission.

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