Pop-Up Performance!


Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre is performing a pop-up performance on November 9th and November 10th. We let the fans vote between two fan-favorite shows, Alice and Her Bizarre Adventures in Wonderland or The Black Dahlia. The winner is…


Alice and Her Bizarre Adventures in Wonderland

Two Nights only!

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre takes a gothic turn into artistic delirium with a wonderful retelling of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Mad Hatters, Queens, and Caterpillars lead the way through this terrific journey through a dark and strange world. Alice was last performed February of 2013.

Reserve your seat at the Tea Party and follow Alice down the rabbit-hole! Click here for tickets!

The Casket Girls – Music and Story

The Casket Girls

To make THE CASKET GIRLS come to life, Gregory Hancock was not alone. He enlisted the help and partnership of Cory Gabel. Cory is a composer, and composed all of the music for THE CASKET GIRLS. The two worked together, while living in two different states, to make the show happen. Gabel was inspired by the legend of “The Casket Girls” and used it to come up with the storyline of the show. 

“The story for Act 1 felt fairly natural to bring together, based off the original “legend” of the Casket Girls. Like with any historical theme, Gregory and I quickly decided to make the main character Catherine the center of the story. The backdrop of New Orleans, the Ursuline Convent, nuns, locals… the story came quickly, and I remember thinking distinctly that I wanted it to have a Westside Story kind of vibe. Or… Romeo and Juliet, gothic, tragic love. The ending we had fun with, and overtly went with the horror movie trope of leaving everything unknown – who opened the caskets? Was Catherine a vampire all along? Did the King of France actually send the vampires over covertly to take care of the “problem” of New Orleans?”

Gregory and the company were in Indiana choreographing and rehearsing, while Cory, who lives in Connecticut, would send new cuts and versions of the music leading up to the final version that was used for the show. Gregory and Cory actually did not even meet until the weekend of the performance back in 2009. Even before the show premiered as one act, both knew they wanted to expand the show and extend Catherine’s story.

“Even before finishing, we had the idea that when we’d add a second act to the show, it would be in a different, future time period – that was Gregory’s idea. So, I’ve somewhat been thinking of Catherine’s arc for the last 9 years. Gregory has a huge affinity for voodoo culture (he gifted me homemade voodoo dolls after the first show!), so we both knew we wanted that element in Act 2.”

Fast forward nine years, and here we are in 2018 doing just that. The one act show, is now a full two-at story ballet. Cory came up with a storyline for Act 2, and then composed music to fit. 

“I really settled in and wrote the bulk of Act 2 this year once I knew we were going to do the show. I really liked the notion that Catherine felt alone after what transpired in Act 1, but then feels this kindred spirit with the voodoo clan, and in particular, two of the women within. Quickly, our villain emerges, and I was drawn to the idea of having him be a vulgar narcissist who is hell bent on destroying everything and everyone. I suppose a writer is always influenced by current events. So – the theme gelled that these different women – either physically alive or alive only in spirit – would unite to protect those they love and rid everyone of a leader with a warped sense of “leadership”.”

Going off of the storyline Cory came up with for Act 2, Gregory choreographed a truly remarkable piece. You’ll witness conflict, love, death, and even a masquerade ball. THE CASKET GIRLS will arrive at The Tarkington Theatre September 21st and 22nd at 7pm. For tickets, click here. To learn more about composer Cory Gabel, read below.



Cory Gabel 

Cory Gabel is an American composer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. He first became known as the lead singer and songwriter for the grunge rock-era band Limestone Rome from 1993 to 2001. As a composer, he is known for his solo piano work and his frequent collaborations with dance companies, producing original, modern dance and ballet scores.

Cory was born in Hays, Kansas, where music was a central part of family life. A self-proclaimed (and proud) “band nerd,” he earned his first composing credit in high school with the drumline feature “Revolt of the Proletariat,” and went on to be the drum major of the marching band. Yup, that happened.

After graduating college, Cory moved to Los Angeles, and founded the alternative rock band Limestone Rome with his sister, Ursula. Digital recording, streaming and the Internet changed the landscape for indie rock bands, so Cory fronted the band, produced its records, and founded his own record label.

Cory parlayed his 90s alt-rock experience into instrumental piano records (curious, right?) in the early 2000s, releasing One Road and Alabaster Sky. He continued to experiment as a producer, and the exposure of his diverse range of music to filmmakers and producers paved the way into composing for dance, theater, and the occasional strange short film.

In 2009, he teamed with Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre for The Casket Girls. The project marked a career-defining turning point for Cory, as his rock and classical influences converged for the first time in a dark and dramatic piece. A new passion was affirmed, and the dance productions Water Wars, The Odyssey and The Moon would all soon follow.

In 2013, Cory combined his love of music and wine as a perfect excuse to embark on a “composing tour” of the California wine country. He spent a week in the vineyards of Paso Robles, keyboard in tow, using the surroundings as inspiration. The album Paso was the result, containing many of the nearly two dozen songs written during the tour.

Cory’s music and soundtracks can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and hundreds of digital outlets worldwide. His releases include the solo piano records Alabaster Sky and Paso, dance works The Casket Girls and Water Wars, the single Hallelujah and Limestone Rome’s Charge the Head. Sadly, nothing from high school marching band is available online. Yet.

Cory works from his home studio in Simsbury, CT, where he lives with his wife of 22 years, Donna, and their children Kiera, 12 and Max, 9

The Casket Girls

The Casket Girls

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre will open its 21stPerformance Season with the return of the gothic drama THE CASKET GIRLS.  Originally premiered in 2009 as one act, this modern vampire ballet features original music composed by recording artist Cory Gabel of Simsbury, Connecticut, and choreography by award winning Artistic Director Gregory Glade Hancock of Carmel, Indiana.  After nine years, these two artists have reunited to complete this full-length theatrical collaboration.  Based on the lore of the casket girls who arrived in New Orleans from France in 1729 dragging their trousseaus, Act I will wind you through the mysterious happenings of the Filles a la Cassette, their residency at the Old Ursuline Convent on Chartres Street, and the suspicious activities surrounding them.  The premiere of the full-length production of THE CASKET GIRLS will move the story from the legends of yesteryear in Act I to current day New Orleans with vampires, voodoo and mystery in Act II.  This production will bring to life this dark and obscure story and leave you with chills. 

“As with many of my works, time and place are often vaguely indicated in order to make the theatrical dance appealing on many different levels and to keep my work relevant and current,” says Mr. Hancock.

THE CASKET GIRLS is a fascinating and unique tale of the origins of vampires in New Orleans,” Mr. Hancock adds.  “I thought it was perfect to create a theatrical dance production around this legend.”

“It’s meant to be big, loud and creepy,” says original score composer Mr. Gabel.  “There is a little melancholy and heartbreak along the way, too.” 

Audiences will find this little-known story interesting and engaging.  “Full-length story productions always draw in audiences.  Storytelling in the theatre gives audiences connection as well as insight into the artistic process of the creators.  The cast can play roles and create characters completely different from their own personalities,” says Mr. Hancock.

Reuniting on this theatrical dance and commissioned music project after nine years was meant to be.  “The original collaboration for Act I of THE CASKET GIRLS was a great experience,” comments Mr. Hancock.  “Cory was wonderful to work with and we both seemed to always be in sync with ideas and the direction for the piece.  We had originally talked about expanding it to a full-length piece, so it is nice to finally have this opportunity,” he adds.

 A fan of contemporary dance, Mr. Gabel notes, “I think we both saw the first production as Act 1 from the beginning, knowing that there was much more of a story to be told. To return to the characters and the storyline was always a draw for me.  In the years since, I’ve collaborated on several other dance productions, many of which I’m very proud, but THE CASKET GIRLS has remained my favorite – the story, Gregory’s choreography and staging, and the music is about as ‘Cory Gabel’ as it gets.  Not every collaborator understands my particular mix of orchestra, ethereal voices and industrial rock!”  The original THE CASKET GIRLS soundtrack is currently available on iTunes, Spotify and other digital download or streaming platforms.  Music from Act II will be available in the near future.

“It is rather rare to experience this kind of collaboration in the current dance/music environment.  I think audiences will really enjoyTHE CASKET GIRLS.  They will get drawn into this thrilling drama and go on an incredible journey with the cast,” says Mr. Hancock.

Academy – Registration, Nutcracker, G2

Academy Updates


Academy 2018-2019 Season of classes Registration

Registration for classes for 2018-2019 will be on August 4th from 10am-2pm at The Academy of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre. You’ll be able to speak with teachers and see the studios! 

For new students, we have a special going on! New students will be able to take one week of UNLIMITED classes for FREE!

For a class schedule and to view registration forms, click here.




G2 Auditions

Auditions for Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre’s pre-professional company, G2, will be on Tuesday August 14th, at 7:00pm, at AGHDT. G2 Apprentices and CATS will also audition at this time. Members of G2 have performance opportunities in GHDT Company performances and take unlimited classes each week at the academy. There is no extra fee, but the do have required classes and rehearsals throughout the week. 


Nutcracker Auditions

Auditions for GHDT’s 2018 production of THE NUTCRACKER, will be on August 18th from 1-2pm, and AGHDT. Registration for the audition will begin at 12:30pm.

Any dancer age 5-21 may audition. Participating dancers must be able to attend rehearsals on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in September. Performances are November 29th – December 1st at Pike Performing Arts Center. 




If you have any questions, please contact

Intoxicating India

Intoxicating India

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre presents Intoxicating India at The District Theatre on Massachusetts Avenue during the Indy Fringe Festival August 16 – August 26, 2018.

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre is excited to perform at the Indy Fringe Festival for the first time.  Bringing a sampling of their diverse repertoire, GHDT will mesmerize audiences with Intoxicating India, a theatrical dance production inspired by the history, art and culture of India.  Choreographed and costumed in its entirety by Gregory Hancock,  Founder and Artistic Director of GHDT, this 50-minute performance will provide an educational and entertaining experience for all ages.  The Sari, a poignant piece depicting the desire to remain steeped in tradition while navigating the modern world, will immerse the audience in beauty through movement, music and costume.  A solo work, Shiva’s Tandava, is inspired by the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon, Lord Shiva.  As Nataraj, Lord Shiva dances tandava, the divine art form symbolizing the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, birth and death.  Kalbelia, with vibrant costumes and rigorous movement is inspired by the Kalbelia Gypsies of Rajasthan, whose dances sometimes replicate the movements of snakes.  Lagaan is one of the company’s signature works from the Indian repertoire and will round out this diverse performance.  An abstract dance, Lagaan highlights the athleticism and beauty of the dancers, and is set to joyous and infectious music.  


Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre will perform on the following dates and times at The District Theatre: 

Saturday, August 18 at 7:30 pm
Sunday, August 19 at 9 pm
Monday, August 20 at 6 pm
Friday, August 24 at 10:30 pm
Saturday, August 25 at 9 pm
Sunday, August 26 at 1:30 pm

2018-2019 Season!

GHDT’s 2018-2019 Season


THE CASKET GIRLS – September 21-22, 2018 – The Tarkington

As the resident professional dance company at The Center for the Performing Arts, Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre will open its 21st Performance Season with the return of THE CASKET GIRLS. Originally premiered in 2009 as one act, this modern vampire ballet features original music composed by recording artist Cory Gabel, and choreography by award winning Artistic Director Gregory Glade Hancock. After nine years, these two artists have reunited to complete this full-length dramatic work. Based on the lore of the casket girls who arrived in New Orleans from France in 1728 dragging their trousseaus, Act I will wind you through the mysterious happenings of the Filles a la Cassette, their residency at the Old Convent on Chartres Street, and the suspicious activities surrounding them. The premiere of the full-length production of THE CASKET GIRLS will move the story from the legends of yesteryear in Act I to current day New Orleans with vampires, voodoo and mystery in Act II. This production will bring to life this dark and obscure story and leave you with chills.


THE NUTCRACKER – November 30-December 1, 2018 – Pike Performing Arts Center

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre presents THE NUTCRACKER at Pike Performing Arts Center, November 30-Decebmer 1, 2018. GHDT’s full-length modern version features the highly-talented dancers of G2, the pre-professional company of GHDT. G2 is joined by students from The Academy of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre and other young student dancers filling the stage with movement and color! THE NUTCRACKER follows the same overall story line as the original, but with a uniquely different twist. This magical version portrays Klara as a homeless orphan girl who discovers the true meaning of the season through the gift and giving spirit of a homeless man. THE NUTCRACKER is a family favorite and is sure to add joy and cheer to the holiday season.


THE WILD WILD WEST – Weekends February 9-24, 2019 – The Academy of GHDT

In February, Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre will once again transform its daily rehearsal space into a black-box theatre where audiences will be entertained in a cabaret style, up-close and personal theatrical experience. This season, GHDT gives a nod to the Western movies of old Hollywood (and Italy) with its new production of THE WILD WILD WEST. Complete with cowboys and cowgirls, gunslingers, bandits, townsfolk, lawmen and saloon girls, this new interactive performance will bring the American Old West to life in a fun and entertaining fashion with the dancers of GHDT. Light refreshments and beverages will be served. This is a fund-raising event for GHDT, so be sure to bring your loot in case you need to post bail! Grab your cowboy boots, chaps and Stetsons and join GHDT in THE WILD WILD WEST!


EXODUS – April 5-6, 2019 – The Tarkington

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre is excited to premiere as part of the 2018-2019 Season, EXODUS, Gregory Glade Hancock’s newest work. This full-length contemporary ballet is inspired by the second book of the Torah and the Hebrew Bible, and presents the story of the Israelite’s delivery from slavery, the exodus from Egypt, the prophet Moses and the Promised Land with a contemporary flare. This epic new ballet features poignant and dramatic music, powerful choreography, beautiful costumes and inspiring theatrics. The talented cast will lead the audience on a journey through oppression and emigration to liberation and freedom for all. This ancient story resonates even today, and through the creative storytelling by Mr. Hancock, EXODUS is sure to become another masterpiece in the GHDT repertoire.


THE VIOLIN UNDER THE BED – June 7-8, 2019 – The Tarkington

Growing up, Florence Marie Hancock yearned to play the violin. Knowing this was impossible as a poor, young girl of the depression era, she resorted to dreaming about holding the instrument, hearing music and dancing. THE VIOLIN UNDER THE BED, so eloquently choreographed by Artistic Director Gregory Glade Hancock and an audience favorite, will once again return to The Tarkington stage. The performance is inspired by stories of Mr. Hancock’s mother and the experiences that brought her joy – art, nature, travel, and sports. The tiny vignettes represent segments of her life and all the gusto she brought to it. “I dedicate all of my work to my mother and her indomitable and enigmatic spirit,” says Mr. Hancock. This touching production is filled with emotion and enlightenment and will lift the spirits of each and every audience member.

Hunchback of Notre Dame Cast


Joining our beautiful company dancers for our 20th Season closer, are some amazing guest artists, apprentices, and interns. Read about them and their roles in the show below! Don’t forget to read about your favorite company dancers by clicking here!

Performances are Friday June 29th at 7pm and Saturday June 30th at 7pm. Tickets for THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME are on sale now! Get yours before they’re all gone! Click here!


Isaac Jones – Quasimodo

Originally from Michigan, Isaac studied under the direction of Cyndi Buczek and Sergey Rayevskiy. He has danced as a trainee with Sarasota Ballet, as a company dancer with Eugene Ballet Company, #instaballet, Dayton Ballet, and has been selected as a dancer for the National Choreographers Initiative. He has also danced as a guest artist for Northern California Ballet, Ballet East, Detroit Dance City Festival, and Brighton Dance Festival. He has danced featured roles in works by Jiří Kylián, Toni Pimble, Septime Webre, Amy Seiwert, Suzanne Haag, Stephanie Martinez, and Karen Russo Burke. His repertoire also includes works by Sir Frederick Ashton, Ron Cunningham, Matthew Hart, Dennis Spaight, Ricardo Graziano, and Bruce Steivel.


Daniel Rodriguez – Phoebus

Daniel Rodriguez was born, raised, and trained in New York City. After graduating from LaGuardia High school and completing his ballet training under the direction of François Perron, he joined North Carolina Dance Theater 2 in 2010. After two seasons in Charlotte, Daniel joined the Sarasota Ballet as a corps de ballet member, being promoted to a Coryphée in 2015. He has performed feature roles in ballets by choreographers such as Balanchine, Sir Frederick Ashton, Ricardo Graziano, Mark Diamond, Dwight Rhoden, Paul Taylor, Anthony Tudor, and Marius Petipa.


Chance Ennis – Frollo

 Chance is excited to be in his first production with Gregory Hancock as an intern with the company. Originally Chance began his training at Robert Thomas Dancenter under the instruction of Robert and Miyoko Thomas in Ames, Iowa. After graduation, Chance moved to New York City and trained with the Joffrey Ballet. At Joffrey, he starred as the principal role as the Prince in Cinderblock. After his time with Joffrey he studied dance performance at Anderson University. This upcoming season Chance will be joining the company of Ballet 5:8. Chance has enjoyed his time thus far with GHDT and has felt he has grown as an artist under the direction of Mr. Hancock. Chance would like to thank Mr. Hancock for the opportunity to perform as Frollo. He would also like to thank his family and friends for their love and support. 



Hannah Johnson – Gypsy, Townsperson, Nun, Cabaret Dancer

Hannah is thrilled to be an intern with GHDT this summer. Hannah started her training at the Academy of GHDT in 2013 and is currently studying Dance Performance at Anderson University. In the past, Hannah has performed the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in GHDT’s The Nutcracker, and has also had the privilege of performing in other GHDT productions such as The Violin Under the Bed, SUPERHERO, La Casa Azul, The Musical, and Joan of Arc. Hannah is very grateful to be back performing with the company this summer and would like to thank Mr. Hancock for the wonderful opportunities he has given her, as well as her family for their gracious support. 


Adrian Dominguez – Gypsy, Townsperson, Cabaret Emcee

A native of Denver, CO., Adrian Dominguez is working towards his B. A. in Dance Performance at Anderson University. Adrian enjoys experimenting with contemporary hybrid styles of choreography. His last works PHASES is a mixture of urban house with modern movement. While studying at Anderson, he was selected as a dancer for guest artist’s Earl Mosley’s Wild and Free, and traveled this last summer to continue his modern dance studies at Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts. While at Anderson, Adrian has the privilege to intern and work with Gregory Hancock and Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre. Adrian has been part of many productions including A Night in India (Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre), Fall and Spring into Dance, Meanwhile at Cinderella’s Opera (Anderson University), Footloose, Spirit of Revolution, Urinetown the Musical (Casper College), Guys and Dolls, All Shook Up, Footloose, Wizard of OZ, The Three Musketeers (Brighton High School).


Zoe Maish – Gypsy, Townsperson, Nun

Zoe Maish began her training in Carmel, Indiana at The Academy of GHDT and performed with GHDT’s preprofessional company G2. She recently graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of the Fine Arts in Dance where Zoe danced in works by: Eloy Barragan, Kristin Marrs, Armando Duarte, and Jessica Anthony. Zoe has also performed Martha Graham’s HELIOS at the Joyce Theatre in NYC, and toured the Midwest in the University of Iowa’s DANCERS IN COMPANY. Zoe hopes to pursue professional dance and teaching in the future and would like to thank Mr. Hancock for the opportunity to intern with the company this summer. 


Anna Williamson – Gypsy, Townsperson, Nun

Anna Williamson is extremely excited to be an intern with Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre this summer. Anna began her training in the Indianapolis area at four years old. She was first acquainted with Mr. Hancock’s work in 2008 when she danced in the The Nutcracker. From there, she continued her training as a student of the Academy of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre and a member of G2 for several seasons. She has had the privilege of dancing as a student in many of Mr Hancock’s concerts including Happily Ever After, Alice and Her Bizarre Adventures in  Wonderland, SUPERHERO: The Story of a Man Called Jesus, Under the Big Top, G2 in Concert, La Casa Azul, and Unplugged. In 2015 Anna was honored to receive the Florence Marie Hancock Scholarship. This fall Anna will be entering her senior year of college, studying dance performance and Christian ministry at Anderson University. Anna would like to extend her appreciation for the training and all of the opportunities she has received. 


Camden Kruse – Gypsy, Townsperson, Nun

Camden Kruse attended Anderson University where she received her Bachelors in Dance Performance in May of 2018. In 2015, Camden was selected to be in Journey Draft 4, choreographed by guest artist Fredrick Earl Mosley. This dance was selected by the American College Dance Association conference to be performed at the Kennedy Center in June of 2016. Camden also had the opportunity to perform in guest artist pieces choreographed by Ian Poulis, Taking the Straight and Narrow Back Home, and Cuchi Cuchi by Gregory Hancock. She also had the opportunity to take master classes from guest artist Eddy Ocampo. During her time at Anderson, Camden twice received the Allen Choreography Award.  In addition to dancing, she has choreographed several pieces for competitive dance teams in recent years.


Chloe Holzman – Gypsy, Townsperson, Nun

Chloe Holzman is originally from Inverness, Illinois.  She holds a BFA in Ballet with an emphasis in teaching and a focus in character dance from the University of Utah. While at the university, Chloe was a member of the Character Dance Ensemble which took her to Spain, Hungary, and Ukraine to learn local dances. Following her graduation, Chloe performed with Fort Wayne Ballet as well as serving as an instructor, choreographer, and rehearsal director.  Chloe’s choreography has been featured in several productions at Fort Wayne Ballet and the University of Utah.  One of her works was selected as a finalist piece in Inaside’s 2018 Choreographic Sponsorship Event. Most recently, Chloe earned her certificate in the Cecchetti method’s Grade 2 for Teachers.  Some of her featured roles have included a soloist in the snow scene in “The Nutcracker”, a soloist in “Paquita”, Nikiya in “La Bayadère”, and Medora in an excerpt from “Le Corsaire”.  She has had the pleasure of working with artists such as Val Caniparoli, Kim Sagami, Cameron Basden, Jeremy Blanton, and Charlotte Boye-Christensen.  Chloe looks forward to continuing to experience new performing and teaching opportunities.


Avery Holloway – Gypsy, Townsperson, Nun

Avery Holloway is honored to be an intern with GHDT in the 2017-2018 season. She started her training in 2004, but began her journey with GHDT in 2007 at GHDT’s dance intensives before the Academy’s opening. She trained and performed with GHDT until she joined G2, GHDT’s pre-proffesional program, in 2013. She is grateful to have danced with GHDT in pieces such as The Nutcracker, SUPERHERO, Violin Under the Bed, and G2’s performance of Joan of Arc, as Joan the Saint. Avery is excited to start her 10th year with GHDT this season, and she would like to thank Mr. Hancock for giving her so many amazing opportunities to dance as well as her family for supporting her throughout her 13 years of dancing.


Skylar Thomas – Gypsy, Townsperson

Skylar Thomas is ecstatic to be an intern with Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre this year. She joined GHDT in 2014 during their annual production of the Nutcracker. Later she became apart of G2, GHDT’S pre-professional company, in 2015 where she continues to receive exceptional training under the staff of AGHDT. Skylar has had the privilege of performing in GHDT pieces such as SUPERHERO, Violin Under the Bed, The Black Dahlia, and G2’s performance of Joan of Arc. Skylar would like to express her gratitude towards Mr. Hancock for the many wonderful opportunities he has given her, as well as thank her family and loved ones for their continual love and support.


Josie Moody – Gypsy, Townsperson

Josie Moody is so thankful to be an intern with Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre for The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Josie Moody is an incoming sophomore at Noblesville High School.  She has been training at AGHDT since its opening in 2009 and has been a part of G2, the second company of GHDT for 3 seasons.  She has had the privilege of being a part of many company performances over the past nine years including “Our Town”, “Superhero”, “Scarlett Letter” and the worlds premieres of both “The Black Dahlia” and “Violin Under the Bed”. Josie has performed in GHDT’s production of “The Nutcracker” for 9 years and one of her most honored roles was that of Klara.  In 2018 she was humbled to receive the Florence Marie Hancock Memorial Scholarship. Josie would like to thank Mr. Hancock for the amazing opportunities she has been given in addition to the fantastic training.  She is very excited to be a part of the cast of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.


For tickets, click here.

G2 In Concert & Academy Showcase

G2 in Concert & Academy Showcase


As part of their 20th Anniversary Season, Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre proudly presents an all-student production, G2 IN CONCERT AND ACADEMY SHOWCASE. With high energy, passion and creative storytelling,the talented performing artists of the pre-professional company, G2, will perform popular and classic pieces from the GHDT repertoire including “God’s Island,” “Trail of Tears,” “Angels,” “The Western Wall,” and excerpts from “Luz de Luna.” The Academy Showcase will feature the dedicated and multitalented students of The Academy of GHDT who will inspire and entertain their audiences through an array of music of dance. Seating is limited. Tickets are available at The Academy of GHDT or by calling 317-844-2660.

Friday June 1st, 7PM – G2 in Concert
Saturday June 2nd, 3PM – G2 in Concert
Saturday June 2nd, 7PM – Academy Showcase
Sunday June 3rd, 3PM – Academy Showcase




Summer Intensives

Summer Intensives

Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre’s Summer Intensives are a fun and rewarding way to spend part of your summer! Keep reading for more information!

Intermediate and Advanced dancers ( ages 10+)
M-F for two weeks,  9:00am – 4:00pm
Cost: $500
Dancers provide snacks, drinks and lunch each day.
Dress code will be enforced.

Beginning dancers (ages 5-9)
M-F for one week, 9:00am-12:00pm
Cost: $150

For registration forms for the 2018 Summer Intensives, click HERE to visit the Summer Intensive page on our website. See you this summer!

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