The Nutcracker 2016!

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Nutcracker season is back! Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre presents The Nutcracker at Pike Performing Arts December 2-4, 2016. This full-length modern version of the holiday classic features the highly-talented dancers of G2, the pre-professional company go GHDT. G2 is joined by students from The Academy Of Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre and other young dancers filling the stage with movement and color! The Nutcracker follows the same overall storyline from the original, but with a uniquely different twist. This magical updated version portrays Klara as a homeless orphan girl who discovers the true meaning of the season through the gift and giving spirit of a homeless man. The Nutcracker is sure to add joy and cheer to your holiday season. 

Performance Info

The Nutcracker is December 2-4, 2016 

Friday, December 2nd at 7:00 PM
Saturday, December 3rd at 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM
Sunday, December 4th at 3:00 PM

All Performances take place at Pike Performing Arts Center located at
6701 Zionsville Road, Indianapolis, IN 40268 

Ticket Info

Ticket prices are:
$25.00 for Adults
$15.00 for students and seniors

Tickets for The Nutcracker can be bought here.

Tickets at the door can be bought with CASH OR CHECK ONLY. 

Recent Patron Reviews October 2016

The Violin Under the Bed Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre“That concert featured a few of my very favorite moments of audience reaction in dance and they are so very rare. Not those moments of big applause, which are great and there were many that night, but those moments when a dance comes to an end and there’s not a sound because to make a single sound would break the spell. That moment when the dance is so beautiful or so heartbreaking that to make a sound other than the beating heart would just destroy the moment. I love that moment when the absence of applause is the highest praise the audience can give. The dancing and choreography are so beautiful and the moment is so tender that all the audience has to give is the respect of silence. And love of the moment. Wow.”    – Charlie Stepp

“I had such an intense reaction to seeing the beautiful “Violin Under the Bed.”  I ran across this article about this syndrome, first described in 1817, that pretty well describes the physical as well as emotional feelings that I had at the end of that show. Ironically, another name for this is Florence syndrome.
-Katie Brown

I love that moment when the absence of applause is the highest praise the audience can give…

“Words like beauty, elegance, intrigue, passion and colorful movement come to mind when I think of “The Violin Under The Bed and Scarlett Letter.” I was moved by the experience of these stories so eloquently told by modern dance and music.  I recommend this show to any seasoned spectator of dance and, in fact, to novice audiences as this show is likely to enthrall the newbie and the experienced with its majestic style.”  -Dr. Louis Janeira

“I wanted to share with you how much we enjoyed seeing Gregory Hancock’s performance “The Violin Under The Bed”.  In Mr. Hancock’s moving tribute to his late mother, the piece captured the humble beginnings from which she came, the love between her and her husband, her love of playing baseball, and how she embraced life.  I have an appreciation of how much she loved her son, and he in return, with the rich artistry of creative dance, illustrative costumes, and selection of music.  It was evident that the audience connected to this story.  I felt that I knew her because of this beautiful illustration and celebration of her life.” – J.J. Kaplan

“Ivy…I can’t express my gratitude enough for the tickets. Truly an emotional tribute and a feast for the eyes. Thank you so much for allowing my friend Laura and I attend.” -Teri Cappron

Christel House Fundraiser Performance

Performing for a Cause

img_3742This past weekend, GHDT took part in a fundraiser for a wonderful organization. Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre, as well as the students in G2, performed in downtown Indianapolis. The performance was part of a 2-hour show raising money and awareness for Christel House. The company performed three pieces, and G2 one. Along with GHDT, there were many other performers working together. Anita Hjorth Lerche, a Danish singer who is well-known for her Indian songs, performed many numbers. Other appearances included flautist Gareth Laffely, Bollywood Beats dance group, Epiphany Dance Collective, Ballet Folklorico Mosaics, and singers Katie Schuman and Katy Gentry.

img_3402-2Together, the around 200 attendees raised over $180,000 for Christal House schools. Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre has been a part of this annual fundraiser for the past three years now. Christel House is a welcomed sponsor of the company, and the company loves giving back to this organization and helping raise so much money for the students of Christel House.



Christel House

Christel House is an organization that helps give children of poverty a better education. Founder and CEO, Christel DeHaan, immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1962. She founded Christel House International in 1998, and since then has opened 8 different schools around the globe. Currently, there are 4 schools around the Indianapolis area, 2 schools in India, 1 school in South Africa, and 1 school in Mexico. To learn more about Christel House schools, click here.

Featured Dancer Abbie Lessaris

Featured Dancer, Abbie Lessaris talks about what The Violin Under the Bed means to her personally – and, speaks of her personal relationship with Florence Marie Hancock, the inspiration for the creation of the work.  Earlier in the year, Abbie faced several surgeries that kept her from dancing and eventually postponed this premiere performance.

The Violin Under the Bed & Scarlet Letter, the season opening performances for Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre ‘s 2016-17 season are October 7 & 8, 2016, 7:00PM – at The Tarkington, Center for the Performing Arts.

Purchase Tickets Online or, call the Center at 317.843.3800.

Last Chance for Season Tickets!


GHDT Season Tickets for The Tarkington performances are now on sale through September 19th ONLY! Call the Box Office Today at 317-843-3800 and save when purchasing Season Tickets.
Season Tickets for the three Tarkington Performances are $115.50 for adults and $100.50 for students/seniors. This is SAVING you money compared to the single ticket pricing of $42.50 for adults and $37.50 for students/seniors.

The Season Ticket package includes tickets for the World Premiere of The Violin Under the Bed and Scarlet Letter on October 7 & 8, Superhero – The story of a man called Jesus on Easter weekend , April 14 & 15, 2017 and A Night in India on June 9 & 10, 2017 at The Tarkington.

You only have a few days left, so act quickly!


New Marley Floors

Studio A Gets a Makeover!IMG_2969

Thanks to a generous donation, Studio A received a makeover! This donation allowed us to purchase a brand new Marley floor. Our old floor was about 25 years old. The old floor had been moved to and from many spaces and had multiple generations of dancers rehearse on it. This old floor also traveled to The Tarkington Theatre in July 2015 for the premiere of La Casa Azul. The floor made the trip a second time as well for the encore performance of La Casa Azul in October 2015.



The process of taking out the old floor and bringing in the new, took lots of helping hands. Company dancers, board members, academy families, and other guests volunteered their night to get the job done. In about two hours, the group rolled up each piece of old flooring, and laid down the new.


Hidden Surprise

DIMG_2973id you know that underneath GHDT’s Marley floor are handwritten quotes? We call it our Holy
Floor. Inspirational quotes lie underneath our feet as we dance all day. Some of the quotes included were said by Frida Kahlo, Mahatma Ghandi, Marilyn Monroe, and many more icons. Every single quote was handwritten onto the floor by our director, Gregory Hancock.






The Final Product

The final product came out beautifully. Our new Marley floor was left overnight to settle, and then was taped down to be completed. The company and academy students cannot wait to start rehearsing and taking classes on the brand new floor. Cheers to the next 25 years on our new Marley floor!

Academy Registration


Registration for 2016-2017 classes at The Academy is underway!

Please come to one of our two open registration dates to sign-up for classes!

Friday August 5th 5:30 – 7:30pm


Saturday August 6th 10am – 2pm

The Fall 2016 class schedule can be found here.

Registration forms, Class Calendar, and Tuition Policies can be found here.
Please print out forms and have them filled out when you come to register.



9240a24e-a5d2-4a1b-92c9-ca95cf2d43ecG2 and Nutcracker Auditions

There will be a set of auditions for both G2 and CATS, as well as GHDT’s 2016 The Nutcracker on Saturday August 27th from 1-2pm.

Please contact AGHDT if you have any questions or concerns!

See all you dancers in class this Fall!

2016-2017 Season Announced

2016-2017 Season Announced

Our 2016-2017 Season Announcement is here! Next season brings back some GHDT favorites, along with brand new World Premiere pieces!

Join us in October when we open our 2016-2017 season with the World Premiere of The Violin Under The Bed, and the long-awaited Tarkington debut of The Scarlet Letter.

December brings GHDT’s holiday classic, The Nutcracker, featuring a cast of young dancers telling a tale of love and compassion.

GHDT’s annual February cabaret-styled fundraiser concerts will feature another World Premiere with an interactive murder mystery, The Black Dahlia.

By your many requests, GHDT’s classic, SUPERHERO; the story of a man called Jesus, returns again for Easter weekend. This modern re-telling of The Passion is powerful and poignant.

We will close our season with A Night In India, featuring new pieces inspired by the music, art, history, and culture of India.

Thank you for your continuing support of GHDT. We look forward to bringing you beautiful art for years to come. Buy your season tickets now!

70317-GHDT_2016 Season ad

Program change for METAMORPHOSIS


Due to unforeseeable circumstances, there will be a program change to GHDT’s performance next weekend, METAMORPHOSIS. Here is a note from artistic director, Gregory Hancock: 13322085_10209885903253064_1197836185240144953_n

Today I had to make a very difficult decision as an Artistic Director. I am sad to announce that the World Premiere of THE VIOLIN UNDER THE BED, my new work in honor of my mother, will be postponed until GHDT’s concert in October. Abbie Lessaris, who is dancing the spirit and essence of my mother in this piece, is having unexpected eye surgery today and her recovery time will not allow her to perform in METAMORPHOSIS. Please send Abbie your thoughts, prayers and positive energy as she faces this challenging time. My mother had a special relationship with Abbie, and I desire Abbie to premiere this very personal work. METAMORPHOSIS will still be presented on July 1 & 2 at The Tarkington, but with altered programming. The dancers of GHDT are working hard today to cover Abbie’s roles in UNTIL THERE IS NO MORE… and THE RIVER’S EDGE. The program will now also include the GHDT classic repertoire piece, OUT OF DARKNESS, which the dancers are learning today. I hope you will still support Abbie and the dancers of GHDT by attending this special concert and then by returning in the fall for the premiere of THE VIOLIN UNDER THE BED. Life hangs precariously on a thread and
changes in instants. Be kind.


As stated above, the company will still perform UNTIL THERE IS NO MORE… and THE RIVER’S EDGE. However, to replace THE VIOLIN UNDER THE BED, the company quickly learned and staged classic GHDT pieces, OUT OF DARKNESS and BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH. METAMORPHOSIS will be a beautiful and spiritual show.

Please join us on July 1st and 2nd at 7pm for METAMORPHOSIS, as well as in October for the premiere of THE VIOLIN UNDER THE BED.


Tickets for METAMORPHOSIS may be purchased here.

Until - Joe Phillips 12

Hate Will Never Win.


In light of recent events in the world, GHDT realizes how lucky we are to have a job creates beauty.  As a director and choreographer, Gregory Hancock creates beautiful movement everyday. As a company of dancers, we bring to life Mr. Hancock’s beautiful movement every single day. As artists, we are so lucky to be surrounded by beauty every day.



Words by Gregory Hancock: 13423968_1050086115080473_2076850651552024453_n

HATE WILL NEVER WIN, but LOVE, COMPASSION and RESPECT must be taught and practiced all the time, not just during times of tragedy, not just when it is personal, not just when it is convenient, but all the time. HUMANITY; all human beings collectively. Kindness and benevolence.




GHDT is keeping everyone affected by the tragedy in Orlando in our hearts and on our minds. It is truly heartbreaking and horrendous how one man could end so many lives because of such hate. The world is a beautiful place, full of beautiful things and beautiful people. Unfortunately, the world is also contaminated by hatred and misfortune. It’s up to us to create a better world for the future. Keep an open mind and an open heart, always. We are with you Orlando.


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